Leila Carvalho Beverleigh (Leila Pintora) is always in pursuit of creative collaboration in art, animation, dance, music and theatre. Her latest work includes a series of autobiographical, narrative illustrations, depicting not only her personal experiences in the field of dance but also that of some of the world's greatest ballet icons. The highly-expressive, masterfully-executed body of work highlights the artist’s love and admiration for the field of dance and honors the ballet world’s professionals in a unique way.  She has worked in partnership with Prima Ballerina Stephanie Herman and the Sao Paulo Companhia de Danca in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Beverleigh continues to work on new series of illustrations focused on the world of dance.

The artist attended San Jose State University, earning a BFA in Animation and Illustration. She studied under the tutelage of renowned author and illustrator Alice Carter, and John Clapp learning the importance of drawing and storytelling and being inspired by real life experiences. During her studies as a digital background painter, Beverleigh has worked on many successful animated short films. Based on a true story, Tule Lake was nominated by the Annie Awards, holding more than thirty awards worldwide. With an MFA in illustration from the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School, Beverleigh furthered her education, studying under such legends in the business as Hall of Fame illustrators Murray Tinkelman, Robert Hunt, Gary Kelley and C.F. Payne amongst others.

As an artist and teacher, Beverleigh successfully navigates the worlds of teaching and illustration. Instructing classes in figurative drawing and painting as well as animation, the artist is an ongoing inspiration to her students, encouraging them to venture out onto their own unique path as she has done over the course of her career. 

She currently teaches at:

San Jose State University - Animation/Illustration Program

CSMA (Community Schools of Music and Arts), Mt. View - CA

Email:  leila@leilapintora.com